3G/4G Hi-Speed Coastal Marine Broadband System, just launched in UK

HubbaX - new product launched
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It gets better all the time. British sailors can rejoice over the ever-increasing speeds of marine broadband. Now there's a new 3G/4G Hi-Speed Coastal Marine Broadband System, just launched

Buzz Connect has launched its new HubbaX4 duo, a marine broadband system. The new system uses 3G and 4G mobile connectivity to provide considerably faster speeds than previously possible, achieving download speeds of up to 100Mbps.

The HubbaX4 duo has a dual SIM facility, allowing the user to switch from one provider to another when cruising through different countries.

The IP67 dome houses a multi directional antenna. The UK-based company says that it can provide a robust connection up to 15 miles offshore.

Usable for on-board communication devices such as laptop, tablet or smartphone, the system has been developed with a dual SIM facility which allows the user to connect to another provider at the click of a switch when cruising through different regions and countries. This assists to minimise costs and maximise connectivity by using regional service providers throughout the world.

The compact, IP67 waterproof dome houses a hi-gain multi directional antenna optimised for hi-speed throughput at long range. The system is suitable for providing hi-speed broadband while the vessel is in dock or coastal cruising at sea. The robust connection that can be achieved up to 15 miles offshore allows a considerable reduction in communication costs by limiting the need for VSAT usage.

Below decks the 'N' type Wi-Fi hub has a remote antenna to create a broadband hot spot in the vessel. Multi-channel connectivity gives higher speeds on both 3G and 4G LTE networks for both voice and data usage. With 12v, 24v or 240v options the new HubbaX4 duo is compatible to all vessel power systems.

With its dual SIM system the HubbaX4 duo is designed to keep vessels connected at manageable costs when operating in coastal areas, reducing the need for expensive VSAT connection, while providing high speed broadband and Wi-Fi.