3.7's headed for Bay of Islands over Easter

3.7’s at play, after the start : Tim Johnson
Farr 3.7

Chris Mitchell has a quick look at the upcoming 3.7 Nationals:

Lance O'Connell 265 sailing with his mates in lights airs on day one. photo: www.jamesmoorephotography.co.nz - 3.7 National Contest
James Moore
Our 3.7 National Champs are on over Easter, as normal.

All the weather forecasts are lousy [no wind] for all of upper N.I. But you can't really say for sure can you (?). It doesn't look like we will have internet access up there for blow by blow reporting, but rest assured that we will file a report similar to last year's one, asap after the regatta and we have organised a couple of digital cameras between us.

It took a while for the after effects of the rum to wear off before I felt well enough to write my bit of the report last year, but now that I don't drink rum anymore (!) I expect we'll be quicker off the mark and feeling chipper too.

Derek Scott the defending champion and a load of other quick yachties will be there. It's a bit too far away for the South Islanders, because this year the Nationals are in Bay of Islands, http://www.boiyachtclub.co.nz/ so very few S.I. Entries are expected. This might reduce our numbers a bit, 30 boats is the usual total.

I think rumour has it (or was it just Alzheimers) that a lot of people are keen to race in Wellington next year, so that will make it a bit easier for S.I. sailors if we can find a club/venue who are keen to stage it in the capital. For anybody visiting the Waitangi/Paihia area over Easter, you should be able to see us out there racing and failing that we will be ashore telling lies or listening to Lance O'Connell and John Elliott telling lies. Come and have a look.

The Class has a website at www.3-7class.org.nz

The organising Club for this years Nationals 2009 is http://www.boiyachtclub.co.nz/

North Island National 3.7 Champs 3rd Placed Ben DeFluiter - TYPBC - New Zealand North Island 3.7 Champs
Kel Martin