2014 Flying Dutchman World Championship - Magyars on the march

Spinnaker reach - Flying Dutchman Worlds, Largs, Scotland Day 3
Alan Henderson
After a wet and windy first day, a light second day, the third day brought four seasons all in one day to sailors at the Flying Dutchman (FD) World Championships, Largs.

The day started with a postponement due to high winds gusting to 28 knots, backed by low visibility under the dark skies and heavy rain showers. But a couple of hours later, winds dropped to 15 knots to allow the first start. Competitors had to stay on their toes, though, as a major windshift came through, and the race finished in torrential rain and light winds. However the wind settled in time for the second race and increased to around 12 knots for the start. The clouds parted and glorious sunshine poured through, leaving competitors very happy with a good day’s sailing and good winds at Largs.

Both races were of two rounds, with a good mix of fast reaches and runs.

Hungary’s Szabolcs Majthenyi and Andras Domokos navigated today’s slings and arrows just as well as they had enjoyed the windy start to the Championship, to take another pair of wins to stretch their lead at the top of the 42 competitors, coping well with windshifts in both races. 2013 World Champions Enno Kramer and Ard Geelkerken, from the Netherlands, also reinforced their place in second overall, taking a fourth place and a second. Germany’s Ludtke and Schafers retained third place, while the brothers Vespasiani from Italy leapt up the rankings to fourth in this very cosmopolitan fleet, with sailors from four different countries in the top four positions.

Kilian Konig & Johannes Brack under spinnaker - Flying Dutchman Worlds, Largs, Scotland Day 3
Alan Henderson

Among competitors from other continents, the best sailors include respectively Edward Cox and Peter Bevis from Australia, the host country of next year’s FD Worlds, Paul Hemker and Richard Phillips from USA, and Javier and Pablo Valdes from Mexico.

A number of ladies are competing in this Championship, and are having to work hard in these powerful boats and brisk winds. Top female sailor is Elisa Koenig of Germany who with crewman Alexander Schmidt, lies in 20th position.

Racing among this international gathering from eleven countries worldwide continues on Friday with another two races, and the Championship completes on Saturday. Can anyone stop the march of the Magyars?


Race one today:

1. Szabolcs Majthenyi and Andras Domokos, HUN
2. Kay-uwe Ludtke and Kai Schafers, GER
3. Kilian Konig and Johannes Brack, GER

Race two today:

1. Szabolcs Majthenyi and Andras Domokos, HUN
2. Enno Kramer and Ard Geelkerken, NED
3. Jorgen and Jacob Bojsen-Moller, DEN

Overall leaders:

1. Szabolcs Majthenyi and Andras Domokos, HUN, 7 points
2. Enno Kramer and Ard Geelkerken, NED, 13 points

Overall Results:
1stHUN70FD26Szabolcs MajthenyiAndras Domokos1.01.0(4.0)
2ndNED26FD38Enno KramerArd Geelkerken3.02.02.0(6.0)
3rdGER88FD16Kay-uwe LudtkeKai Schafers(8.0)
4thITA4FD28Nicola VespasianiFrancesco Vespasiani4.0(43.0 DNC)
5thDEN21FD03Jorgen Bojsen-MollerJacob Bojsen-Moller5.
6thAUT38FD02Christophe AichholzerPhilipp Zingerle9.
7thGER113FD19Kilian KonigJohannes Brack2.08.0(16.0)
8thHUN13FD25Andras SuliDavid Papp6.05.0(17.0)
9thGER98FD17Schmuel MarkhoffMichael Matscheroth11.
10thHUN11FD24Gabor Gaborjani SzaboBela Argay(43.0 DNC)
11thCZE21FD42Jiri HrubyTomas Palkovsky10.0(13.0)
12thITA7FD28Alberto BarenghiGabor Koles12.
13thGER28FD12Olaf BallersteinJobst Wellensiek7.07.010.0(24.0)
14thGER100FD18Jan LechlerJens Salow(19.0)
15thAUS7FD01Edward CoxPeter Bevis16.0(43.0 DNC)
16thNED18FD36Frank NooijenSjors Riemslag13.020.022.0(25.0)15.016.0111.086.0
17thGBR387FD08Jon WilliamsAlex Rogers(24.0)
18thNED16FD35Robert DeLangePieter Zandstra(43.0 DNC)43.0 DNC18.
19thGBR380FD06Julian BridgesJack Wild(23.0)
20thGER133FD21Elisa KoenigAlexander Schmidt25. OCS)145.0102.0
21stGBR389FD10Glyn SheffieldChris Rutter17.019.024.0(31.0)23.023.0137.0106.0
22ndGER1777FD23Hartmut WesemullerHolger Wesemuller21.021.0(32.0)
23rdGER66FD14Kurt PrenzlerWolfgang Hoft18.0(43.0 DNC)
24thUSA3FD41Paul HemkerRichard Phillips26.0(43.0 DNC)
25thNED29FD39Durk SchroorWiecher Leidekker(43.0 DNF)43.0 DNC29.
26thITA94FD30Pierfrancesco EustachiPaolo Rossi14.014.0(43.0 DNF)16.043.0 DNC43.0 DNC173.0130.0
27thITA20FD28Giacomo Samuelli FerettiTommaso Samuelli Feretti(43.0 DNC)43.0 DNC14.
28thGER123FD20Martin KrumhaarUwe Stemmler22.0(43.0 DNC)
29thGER12FD11Ernst GretenDetlef Kruger15. DNC)43.0 DNC179.0136.0
30thNED341FD40Ronald StalmanDurk Zandstra20.0(43.0 DNC) DNF43.0 DNC183.0140.0
31stGER172FD22Marc StrittmatterJohn Maguire(43.0 DNC)43.0 DNC31.
32ndGBR388FD09Tony LyallColin Burns(43.0 DNC)43.0 DNC30.
33rdNED10FD34Lotje MeijerLouis de Ruiter(43.0 DNC)43.0 DNC9.026.043.0 DNC43.0 DNC207.0164.0
34thGBR382FD07Peter DoranPhilip Kyewski(43.0 DNF)43.0 DNC33.036.043.0 DNF27.0225.0182.0
35thGBR310FD04Chris NicholDawn Macrae(43.0 DNF)43.0 DNC36.038.043.0 DNF30.0233.0190.0
36thNED20FD37Carlo BrugmanWim Brugman(43.0 DNC)43.0 DNC28.037.043.0 DNC43.0 DNC237.0194.0
37thMEX126FD32Javier ValdesPablo Valdes(43.0 DNF)43.0 DNC37.035.043.0 DNF43.0 DNC244.0201.0
38thGER40FD13Bernd SchreiberAndy Johnston(43.0 DNC)43.0 DNC43.0 DNS34.043.0 DNF43.0 DNF249.0206.0
39thGBR373FD05Rosie PyeNeil Pye(43.0 DNC)43.0 DNC34.043.0 DNC43.0 DNC43.0 DNC249.0206.0
40thGER87FD15Hans-Peter SchwarzRoland Kirst(43.0 DNC)43.0 DNC43.0 DNC43.0 DNC43.0 DNC43.0 DNC258.0215.0
40thMEX125FD31Rodolfo Valdes GarciaSatiago Ayala Cortina(43.0 DNF)43.0 DNC43.0 DNC43.0 DNC43.0 DNF43.0 DNC258.0215.0
40thNED5FD33Fred SchaafKlaas van der Spek(43.0 DNC)43.0 DNC43.0 DNC43.0 DNC43.0 DNC43.0 DNC258.0215.0