2014 Audi Hamilton Island Race Week - Cruise control

Spinnaker start from Dent Passage
Andrea Francolini
2014 Audi Hamilton Island Race Week - It was the year of the cruisers at Audi Hamilton Island Race Week, though the word ‘cruise’ is misleading. A cutthroat finish to the regatta on day six, Saturday August 23, 2014, brought out this division’s competitive edge at the critical part of the regatta.

Overall regatta numbers were boosted by 29 entries over last year thanks to growth in the cruising and multihull divisions. The standard of the cruising boats coming to Hamilton Island over the past five years has also increased considerably.

Downwind starts in downwind current in Dent Passage are where many cruisers, and racers, have in the past come unstuck. Barely a boat was caught out this year for misjudging and jumping the start before the signal sounded, an encouraging trend noticed by the race management team

A 16 knot average SSE tradewinds generated a final and very spectacular spinnaker start in Dent Passage yesterday, Saturday August 23, 2014, for the cruising fleet, which left the channel adjacent to Hamilton Island carrying a plethora of rainbow coloured kites.


It was Charles Cupit’s Bavaria 45 Three C’s that had the last hoorah overall in cruising division one, coming in ahead of Four Bells and Infinity.

Division two skipper Peter Byford and his three-month-old L’esprit pipped Boadicca by one point in a nail-biting race on day six of racing. Byford has raced in five Audi Hamilton Island Race Weeks but had never tasted success. 'I’ve never been on a podium in five years,' he said. 'We are over the moon.'

The 46-footer’s crew of 11 included two of Byford’s sons. 'They are 36 and 31 years old. I’ve been sailing with them since they were seven. It’s got better as we’ve all got older,' he laughed.

The crew demonstrated their competitiveness when they continued to the finish line in fresh breezes on day five having offloaded a crewman who had taken the top of his finger off in an accident.

Wizard of the wind- cruising div three
Andrea Francolini

In cruising division three, it was the magic produced by Wizard of the Wind that hailed the Brisbane crew as champions. Skipper Michael Waldie said the Catalina 42 showed she had the goods on the final day of racing. 'We are stoked, it was fantastic. We worked better and better every day, that was the highlight of the week. Also, the Piper Heidsieck lunch at qualia was amazing.'

The 14-year-old boat, built in California, competed last year but didn’t pick up any silverware. Armed with some brand new sails and three fresh crewmembers, it was their turn this year. There was one bumpy moment during the six-day regatta that didn’t have the crew laughing, though. 'We had to evict a snorer from our apartment and onto the boat. It was affecting the performance,' Waldie chuckled.

Second placed Synergy may not have taken the gold but they got the surprise of a lifetime when a whale showed its belly right in front of their boat.

Oasis rolled in third for division three overall results.

Andrea Francolini

Cruising non-spinnaker

Still Dangerous proved their moniker is apt with victory in non-spinnaker division one, beating Russian skipper Mikhail Beleoborodov in his Sunsail boat, Rhythm. Skipper Ivor Burgess was thrilled with his second division win in four years.

The odds of taking out the competition weren’t looking good on the final day. 'We didn’t think we had a cat’s chance in hell on the final morning with the handicap. It was very tough competition out there, we had the Russian crew behind us and it was an international contest. We were sailing for Australia,' he laughed.

The 74-year-old, who has raced in five Audi Hamilton Island Race Weeks, said sailing at Hamilton Island was a luxury he and his mates treasured. 'The week was great; there were beautiful sails, scenery and blue water. It was just beautiful, it’s magic. We’ve had a lot of parties.'

The 45-footer is a favourite toy for Burgess’ and his veteran crew from Sydney. 'One of the crew members said to me ‘Ivor, you are saving some elderly guys from a boring retirement’,' he said.

Supertramp- non spinnaker div two
Andrea Francolini

Division two saw 46-foot Supertramp take out the top spot overall. The Mooloolaba-based boat was steered by Alan Pick, accompanied by his wife Sue.

Principal Race Officer Denis Thompson commented on the standard of the cruisers, 'The level of sailing has lifted considerably over the last five years. Ten years ago we’d get boats turning up 15 minutes late for the start with whatever sails they had up. Now we’ve got a lot of privately owned cruises/racers, Beneteaus, Jenneaus, Bavarias all with the latest sails.'

Complete Results: Cruising Div 1
Series Results [EHC Div1] up to Race 6 (Drops = 1)
PlaceTiesBoat NameSail NumSkipperSers ScoreRace 6Race 5Race 4Race 3Race 2Race 1
1 THREE C'SB45Charles Cupit35.[31.0]15.08.0
2 FOUR BELLS6408David Bell46.0[29.0]
3 INFINITYAUS52Edward Fader49.[28.0]
44.0SSMOOTH OPERATORSB509Russell Durham51.[20.0]4.07.0
5 TAKANI6981James Whittle51.[26.0]13.0
6 SPIRITSIN230Paul Blakeley55.[30.0]
7 COOPERSBOW30Craig Watson58.018.0[25.0]
8 ANTIPODES OF SYDNEY500Greg Newton59.[27.0]11.0
92.0SHELSAL3262Rod Fisher62.[29.0]
10 MISS MINX0505Chris & Lauren Thorpe62.0[26.0]
11 THAT BOAT6782Darryle Dransfield63.011.030.0[32.0]
129.0SVANILLABOW17David Perkins64.[22.0]
131.0SVITESSE1021Ian Thomson64.010.024.0[28.0]
14 ARGO BLUEC1George Snow64.[34.0F]5.0
15 TARDIS6585Stephen Richardson66.017.09.0[29.0]
16 BUNDABERGG16John Kint69.[31.0]18.0
17 CONDORKB80David Molloy70.[31.0]
181.0SMAXI RAGAMUFFIN7007Keith Batt74.[33.0]
19 VELOCE1027Dean Corbett74.[34.0F]27.0
206.0SSECOND NATUREBOW01Paul Mentiplay75.[27.0]18.09.0
21 SIR THOMAS SOPWITH6892Heath Walters75.013.0[27.0]
227.0SWHITEBIRDS788Paul / Robert White / Bird76.[32.0]
23 HOLY COW!6797John & Kim Clinton76.0[23.0]
24 CHAMPAGNESM45Chris Barlow77.[29.0]21.0
25 ANTIPODES AUSTRALISCY200John Culshaw78.0[27.0]
26 BIDDY HU 11R187Paul Lindemann82.[25.0]22.016.0
27 TONIC6842Robert Pizzie85.0[34.0C]
28 SILVER MINX331Geoff & Vicki Player87.019.0[28.0]
29 PHARLAP8885Alexander Spencer94.0[34.0C]
30 CEO1BOW03Ray Sweeney96.[32.0]21.014.0
31 SAILING ADVENTURESBOW02Brian Pozzey117.[29.0]28.017.0
32 KIND OF BLUEBOW23Phillip Somerville130.[33.0]23.024.0
33 MISS DEVEREUXBOW04Chris Butchers132.031.0[31.0]
 Cruising Div 2Series Results [EHC Div2] up to Race 6 (Drops = 1)
PlaceTiesBoat NameSail NumSkipperSers ScoreRace 6Race 5Race 4Race 3Race 2Race 1
1 L'ESPRIT7041Peter Byford20.[10.0]7.05.0
2 BOADICCA7717Jason Antill21.[13.0]3.03.0
3 ENCORE00100Tim Lewis Jim Milledge24.[15.0]4.07.0
4 ZOE98Wayne Millar36.01.020.0[23.0]
5 ROGUE826Peter Hrones37.06.021.0[22.0]
61.0STHE POACHERMK6John Foster38.03.018.0[18.0]
7 ONE O NINE1109Robert Salteri38.[19.0]16.0
8 VIRAGO II6813Dave Rooke40.0[15.0]
9 KITE RUNNER11000Phil Jobe48.[22.0]6.0
10 SALACIARQ1600Stephen Everett52.[22.0]
11 AVVENTURA7044Peter Mumford53.[21.0]9.013.0
12 SOLUTIONS3242Stephen Dadour56.[23.0]11.015.0
13 PILGRIME226Paul Ley57.[21.0]
14 MOONSHINE2118Allan McClintock58.[23.0]2.0
15 MAKOWS40Cameron Wiklund59.[19.0]
16 ERESSEA6590John Bankart61.012.0[22.0]
17 FLYINGFISH LET LOOSEM604Jonathan Threlfall66.[22.0]21.011.0
18 CARPE DIEMSM1750Paul Commins67.[20.0]
19 SAILTIME SWIFT447Graham Raspass Anthony Bishop68.09.016.0[21.0]
20 PRIME EXAMPLE214Leigh Dorrington69.[23.0]
21 DRAKES PRAYERRQ6165Rod Johannessen71.0[24.0C]
229.0SRUN RUN RUNSM2800James Heywood79.024.0C[24.0C]
23 SHAZAMPD447Doug Ryan79.0[24.0F]
Cruising Div 3Series Results [EHC Div3] up to Race 6 (Drops = 1)
PlaceTiesSail NumBoat NameSkipperSers ScoreRace 6Race 5Race 4Race 3Race 2Race 1
1 934WIZARD OF THE WINDMichael Waldie22.01.010.0[10.0]
2 RQ410SYNERGYRon James24.[10.0]6.0
3 662OASISMerv Stephensen27.53.08.0[15.0]
4 6702JOIE DE VIERob Aldis31.04.04.0[17.0]
5 RQ1982OSCARS RIDEPeter Driml34.0[16.0]
6 6990GREAT WHITEBob Penty35.[13.0]9.0
7 MB643BAD HABITSBarry Thompson40.010.0[16.0]
8 8047PEGGYBenjamin Meakin41.511.0[20.0]
9 6632PSYCHO 11Philip Bates43.[12.0]
10 448FLY 'N HIGHGary Bruce43.57.0[27.0F]
11 5050MANDALAGerard Webb47.05.012.0[18.0]
122.0SB48KARMRay Nankervis57.[22.0]
131.0SBOW06KARMADavid Angus57.[23.0]
14 1566ELYSIUMDean Hansen57.012.018.0[24.0]
15 BOW18ESCAPADEMike Schmidt62.0[20.0]
16 6421POHONOAndrew Williams63.015.05.0[20.5]
17 6294INEZIan Ritchie67.021.02.0[23.0]
18 PH385VALHALLAPeter Cox75.09.027.0C5.0[27.0C]14.020.0
19 BOW07KAOSDuncan Blake78.0[27.0F]
20 19JOMark Bucknall79.[21.0]
21 276STARKERSAlan Stark80.0[27.0C]
22 C192NORTHERN MOMENTVic Stevens92.013.027.0F19.022.0[27.0F]11.0
23 3900SATISFACTIONJames Hogan94.027.0F17.014.021.0[27.0F]15.0
24 T92VAN DEMONSteve Woodfine101.[27.0F]17.0
25 MBANSHEERob & Kerry Kasmarik131.027.0C27.0C27.0F23.027.0F[27.0F]
26 BOW20WILDFLOWER2Dan Clougherty133.027.0C27.0C25.027.0C27.0F[27.0C]
Non Spinnaker Div 1Series Results [EHC Div1] up to Race 6 (Drops = 1)
PlaceTiesBoat NameSail NumSkipperSers ScoreRace 6Race 5Race 4Race 3Race 2Race 1
1 STILL DANGEROUS7022Ivor Burgess12.04.03.0[10.0]
2 RHYTHMBOW05Mikhail Beloborodov13.03.0[16.0C]
35.0SMIM450Mike Walter21.01.07.0[7.0]
4 JEMSONSM301Andrew Molnar21.[7.0]6.0
5 GEOMATIC ALLEGRO6723Adrian Lewis22.07.09.0[11.0]1.02.0I3.0
6 NAMADGIC444Michael Martin27.[9.0]6.07.0
74.0SPRIORITIESBOW12Tim Butler31.08.0[16.0F]
8 YANTARASM107Mike Sheppard31.[9.0]
9 MISTA GYBEW888Linda Gorry40.[16.0C]
10 SMART CHOICEH50Smart Christine50.0[16.0C]
11 HURRICA V1924Steve Gunns56.016.0F10.[16.0F]
12 CURLEW ESCAPERQ67Scott Turner57.016.0C16.0C12.0[16.0F]5.08.0
13 SASSAFRASGBR96767Andrew Senn62.016.0C5.0I9.016.0C16.0F[16.0C]
14 CONDESABOW19Mark Gaskell77.016.0F16.0F13.016.0R16.0C[16.0F]
15 SOUTHERN SWELLB1Geoff Adams80.016.0F16.0C16.0C16.0C16.0C[16.0C]
Non Spinnaker Div 2Series Results [EHC Div2] up to Race 6 (Drops = 1)
PlaceTiesBoat NameSail NumSkipperSers ScoreRace 6Race 5Race 4Race 3Race 2Race 1
1 SUPERTRAMP6678Sue & Alan Pick7.[2.0]
2 CZECH MATE6361Phil Dressler17.02.0[8.0]
3 UNTAMED8John Parkes18.03.0[11.0]
4 PLAYLISTBOW08Matt Powell23.[15.0F]6.0
53.0SRENATABOW16Lachlan Jackson30.0[15.0C]
6 CHAMPAGNE326Allen Richards30.07.0N7.[7.0]
7 BULA!BOW14Fabian Baez31.04.01.0[11.0]8.09.0T9.0
84.0SKRYSTALB178Mark Strobel35.011.0T4.[11.0]
9 CHAMPS ELYSEES4151Ray Fraser35.[10.0]
10 IDLE TIME588Mal Dennis42.015.0C3.04.015.0C[15.0F]5.0
11 REVEBOW11Keith Cooper47.0[15.0C]
12 SANUK 11547Harvey Michael54.[15.0F]12.0
13 KEITABOW21David Barnes57.011.0T[15.0C]
14 RUBY CHARLOTTEA65Jonathan Hickling75.015.0F15.0C15.0F15.0F15.0F[15.0F]