2013 Lexus Lincoln Regatta Week - Taylors Island Race

A close finish in the Sydney 38's class - 2013 Lexus Lincoln Regatta Week
Harry Fisher
After an abandoned race on the first day of competition, the 2013 Lexus Lincoln Regatta had finally achieved an official result after the Taylors Island Long Race that took place today. The majority of the fleet competed in the race except for the Sydney 38's who had three windward return races back-to-back in the bay.

A strong south to south-easterly breeze blew all afternoon and at times provided some action as the gusts increased to an exciting strength.

The racing, cruising, trailerable and multi-hull fleets all participated in the Taylors Island Race, which is a 44 nautical mile race around Taylors Island and back in to Port Lincoln and overall IRC and PHS (Overall Handicap) honours were closely fought for.

Third in the Division 2 racing fleet on IRC was local boat 'Lincoln Mentor' skippered by Matthew Stephens and accompanied by a very young and talented crew. Second in Division 2 IRC was 'Peer Gynt' skippered by Paul Bull and first was 'Laurelle' skippered by Ray Borrett.

Not long before the race 'Secret Men's Business' experienced issues with their mainsail and discovered a rather significant tear in it, forcing them to retire and leave the race to 'Scarlet Runner' for the taking.

'Scarlet Runner' skippered by Robert Date took the first place in Division 1 IRC, second place went to 'The Gnome' skippered by G Vercoe and M Keough and third place was won by 'Aikin' skippered by Cailin Howard.

The same three boats that placed in Division 1 IRC were the same three placings for Overall IRC.

On PHS in the Division 2 racing fleet, third place went to 'Hush' skippered by Pete and Marissa Chalk, second was won by 'Taniwha' skippered by Ron Parker and first place was taken out by 'Blue Max' skippered by Peter Montgomery.

Third in the Division 1 racing fleet went to 'Aikin', second was 'Scarlet Runner' and first in PHS went to 'The Brothers' skippered by Peter Young.

Overall in PHS, third place was 'Blue Max', second was 'Scarlet Runner' and first place was 'The Brothers'.

In the cruising and trailerable fleet competed for on PHS, third place went to 'Speakeasy' skippered by Grant Eckermann, second place was won by 'Tanqueray' skippered by Paul Richards and the overall victory was taken out by 'Julia' skippered by Richard Harries.

The multi-hull division provided a great spectacle for the sport, with some fast paced action on show for those watching. Third place on PHS in the multi-hulls was won by 'Trainer Wheels' skippered by Geoff Schramm, the runner up was 'Goldfinger' skippered by Peter Boyd and the overall winner in the multi-hull division was 'Wilparina 11' skippered by Robert Remilton.

One of the multi-hulls flying along with their spinnaker up - 2013 Lexus Lincoln Regatta Week
Harry Fisher

The Sydney 38 class had three windward return races just outside the Port Lincoln Marina and six Sydney 38's put some extremely close racing on show.

Race 1 was won by 'Shining Sea' skippered by Andrew Corletto, Race 2 was won by 'White Knight' skippered by David Knights and Race 3 was won by 'Chutzpah 38' skippered by Bruce Taylor.

The Sydney 38's will continue to race more races than the other divisions and their competition is starting to heat up, which will make it interesting to see the end result.

The start of the Sydney 38's first race - 2013 Lexus Lincoln Regatta Week
Harry Fisher

Tomorrow's race is the traditional race to Spalding Cove in memory of 'Megga', a great character around the city of Port Lincoln who had a lot to do with the sport of sailing.

For more information on the Lincoln Regatta visit the official website at Lincoln Week.