18ft Skiffs N.S.W. Championship Race 3 Video

Race 3 of the N.S.W. 18ft Skiff Championship
Thurlow Fisher Lawyers do a 'Stephen Bradbury' to take a hard fought race in Heat 3 NSW Championship.

In what was always going to be a classic 18ft Skiff race with everything on display in a testing 25 knot plus Southerly course 4 ...

Yandoo skippered by John Woody Winning was taken to hospital after being body slammed in a capsize. The Manly Ferry was the biggest obstacle for Gotta Luv it 7 when locked in spinnaker combat with Smeg on the first run to Obelisk Bay. Trevor Barnabus and his team on Smeg were outstanding the way they attacked this race and were unlucky at the end given a broken tiller in their monumental spin out while leading Cocko's TFL.

Video... Mark Heeley wraps up with Cocko and Chesty Trev.

Video by Simon Brown - Gecko Productions

Pick the Podium was won by Frenchman Simon Stanchi who was the first entered closest with Smeg and Thurlow Fisher Lawyers and receives the www.barzoptics.com Floater sunnies and the www.slamonline.com.au cap, T and belt. To play Pick the Podium in every 18ft skiff race simply register on www.18footerstv.com

Its fun Its free and you can win great prizes so have a crack.